Larry Selbiger


Gratifying real world Industrial Design experience...

I am a passionate, self driven, reliable professional with years of quality Industrial Design experience. I’ve also been privileged to, and loved, teaching and mentoring real world knowledge/experience to enthusiastic students, as an Adjunct Professor. I’m highly experienced in concept ideation, presentation, hand sketching, digital rendering and can build production ready 3D models for any idea! My employment has included global companies such as: Nike, And1, Teva to start. In my private consulting business, I’ve consulted for Bushnell, Callaway, MIzuno, UA, Oakley, Smith Optics…. to name a few.


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Larry was a great director who encouraged creativity and always pushed for the design team. I think a good director makes you feel like you are working with him/her not for or below them. Larry definitely made me feel like I worked with him. He was very good at running a fun yet productive team, not to mention really taught me the footwear process.
— justin taylor; senior footwear designer at jordan
Larry is a talented and skilled design teacher and loved by his students. I’ve appreciated his exemplary preparation for class and excellent teaching. His students grow because of his instruction as he effectively prepares them for professional practice. Larry is dependable as he works with students and performs administrative duties. I highly recommend Larry without any reservations.
— jim arnold; Professional Practice Assistant Professor Utah State University
Larry is an excellent teacher, an incredibly talented designer, and a great guy. I have had the privilege of learning and working with him through my studies, and have enjoyed it immensely. He has had a strong inspiring impression on my college development, and I will always carry skills aided through his teachings.
— berin b; Footwear Designer, Product Creator, Innovator


I passionately offer unique skills and experience in both product and graphic design! Accomplished in conceptual insights and creativity, versatile and flexible; I am dedicated and tenacious in striving for excellence. This is my promise! I thrive when making positive contributions and/or facing new challenges from which to grow and make a difference. Customer satisfaction is my first priority!



About Me

Born in Passaic; raised in Wayne N.J., I graduated from Syracuse University with an Industrial Design degree (BID). Free to fly anywhere, I headed off to the great Pacific NW.  And. It was perfect!  Mountainous rigors to explore. Serenity of beaches with grass lands, in between, to encounter and my deep love for the outdoors with a variety to experience, was satisfied! I never looked back.

Having the privilege of professionally creating for global brands, I’ve realized the value of the broad spectrum knowledge I’ve gained. I know and apply the influence of market place, trends, consumers, innovation, etc. which drive inspired design, and by extension, inspired product! All of it matters to the success of the bottom line! My ambition? Create. Innovate, relevant, quality product. I believe all of us perform our best when doing what we love. Most importantly? With whomever I am partnered, I commit to being a genuine and inspired influence, where vision, design and market strategy meet, for best results!