I specialize in concept sketching , digital rendering and 3D modeling.  I can transform ideas into tangible realities.  Just ask..... 

My design services are available  hourly, or on a project basis.  

You can contact me directly:  Larry@Inspired2design.net

I am also available for commissioned work.


about me:  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.   I was born in Wayne N.J. and after graduating from Syracuse University in 1985, I chose to transplant to the Pacific NW.   Given my love for the outdoors and all the variety of experience the NW provides, from the rigors of the mountains (backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, & Kung Fu) to the serenity of the beaches, I’ve never looked back.

With my Industrial Design degree, over the past 25 years I have enjoyed creating a host of products, though the majority of my career (20 + years) has been spent in the Athletic Footwear arena.  This has given me a both a broad spectrum and comprehensive view to the industry and the respective markets.  However, with my particular love for the outdoors,  I am inspired to pursue opportunities within the industry, as a cohesive match between that which I love and enjoy and my ambition to produce the best products possible.   I believe that all of us perform at our best when doing what we love most and I believe I can be an inspirational influence of design, vision and market strategy for whomever I am partnered up with.


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I have been fortunate to have worked in the “trenches” and, subsequently, have an in depth knowledge of supply chain processes and complexities from product inception (design, development, manufacturing, merchandizing, pricing, sales) through to customer door.  Further, I have developed a keen sense of leadership and mentoring skills for my staff and others with whom I work.  I have the ability to be detailed, analytical and” hands on” or delve into creation of concepts, strategies and innovations.  I play well with others and enjoy the diversity of collaboration to ensure excellence and maximum results.  I recognize the value all have to the process of success and, to that end, enjoy interacting with all levels within and outside the organization.

In closing, I believe I offer a unique compilation of skills, experience, insight and passion, which will make a positive contribution.    I look forward to new challenges and experiences, and opportunities to grow and make a difference.   I appreciate your time and interest and look forward to hearing from you.