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OBJECTIVE:        To be an inspirational influence of design, vision & strategy, through a

                             role within a fun, innovative, challenging and creative environment.



      Co-Create new strategies for business growth.

      Leadership by experience and example.

      Mentor and develop young design talent.        

      Excellent concept sketching, computer rendering, drafting & graphic skills.

      Generate innovative concepts in design aesthetics, technology,

      process effectiveness, & utilization of materials/ colors.

      Exceptional design versatility.

      Proficient at Photoshop & Illustrator CSS.

      Enthusiastic and diverse presentation & facilitation skills.

      Analytical with keen problem solving & organizational skills.

      Experience in budgeting resources.

      Strong supply chain knowledge.

      Develop synergistic relationships for greater operational efficiency.

      Experience with Modo



Syracuse University:  Bachelors of Industrial Design 1985.  B.I.D

Deans List:   1980 - 1985



The Art Institute of Portland:   Adjunct Professor   06/10 – Present                            

Inspired2Design, Inc:   President and sole proprietor 01/08  – Present                            

                                    “ Making the Ordinary Extraordinary “


 And1:         Design Director 12/03 – 12/07.

 Re-define / co-create strategies with Marketing counter parts

 Manage staff of 3 - 6 designers.

Create seasonal product direction.

Organize & conduct plans for design off sites & inspirational vision.

Manage critical dates for the process of developing 20-25 seasonal projects from inception to production.


Achievements:   Created “debut“ product showcasing new Trinity technology:

the “Mystique Mid” spring ’06 and the “Spotlight Mid” fall ‘06

Co-Created “Pinned Air” technology, which developed into new marketing platforms for products.

Senior designer 01/02 – 11/03

Concept sketching … marker/computer renderings…drafting…graphics

Meet rigorous design deadlines.

Participate in product presentations to top management of Merchandising & Sales, and to Buyers @ Footlocker Inc.


Achievements:            Awarded: Lead scorer award for the shoe called: “The Rise Mid”.

Lead designer with Stephan Marbury to create signature product:

The Starbury Mid” 2004.



Nike, Inc:  Senior Footwear Designer 11/96 – 07/01

Concept sketching … marker renderings … drafting … graphics …

Designed for ACG, kids and Cross training.

Design lead for Women’s running.

Meet critical deadlines to ensure process flow & effectiveness.

Participate in product presentations to top management.

Created & managed concepts through to production.


Achievements:  Awarded NikeShoe Dog Award” for the “Air Convergence”.

Co-developed new women’s running last.

Awarded “Best Update” from Runners World for the “Air Span Triax”.


Selby Design, Inc:   President and sole proprietor    08/89 – 11/96

Avia Int’I  :   Designer / manager       03/86 –  08/89

Walter Dorwn Teague Associates:  Illustrator     08/85 – 03/86


      Ray Mosely … 503 - 329 – 4815 … (Previous GM/ And1)

     John Droege … 503 - 887 – 9377 … Nike, Inc.

     Alan Hardy … 503 - 384 – 0524 … RYKA, LiNing

     Jerry Stubblefield . . . 503 - 635 – 4335 … North Shore Partners

Outside Activities:

Avid snowboarder 15+years, Backpacker, Keen ability & interest in learning new computer software, Motorcycles, watercolors, Mt. Biking,

Kung-Fu 20+years ( Award for excellent contributions through the years 2000 & created new system seal